"The Evac Protocol Show" w/ guest: Kill Rex
5/3/2014 |

Rage Fest: Filth Edition! Albany, NY. 4/12/2014

"The Evac Protocol Show" w/ guest: Dark Adversary Audio
 4/5/2014 |

Pollination! Albany, NY. 4/3/2014

Shamrock Shuffle! Albany, NY. 3/14/2014

The Sounds Of Now Presents: The Brodio Show!

The Evac Protocol Show! Live on ROOD.FM

Love Dub! Syracuse, NY. 2/14/2014

SMASH OUT! Albany, NY. 1/18/2014

Official SMASH OUT Afterparty! Albany, NY. 1/18/2014

True Crew Presents: The Drop! w/ Evac Protocol! Boston, MA. 12/15/2013

Tight Crew Presents: A Nightmare Before Christmas! Providence, RI. 12/14/2013

DNBC Presents: It's All gRAVEy! Albany, NY. 11/28/2013

Unity Halloween Special - Pretty Lights Afterparty! Albany, NY. 10/31/2013

The Sounds Of Now Halloween Special! Troy, NY. 10/25/13

Maximum Bass III! Amsterdam, NY. 10/11/13

Santola Brother's Birthday Bash! Albany, NY. 10/4/2013

Stuff Your Face With Bass - The Road To Sin City! Saratoga Springs, NY. 9/7/2013

JUNGLE BOOGIE FESTIVAL! Lake George, NY. 10/25-26/2013

Peace & Beatz ft. Sav & Mystereo w/s/g Evac Protocol! Albany, NY. 9/14/2013

Elemental Productions hosts The Brotown Beatdown Tour! Boston, MA. 9/6/2013

Leila's Dirty 30 Jammer. Albany, NY. 8/23/2013

Peace & Beatz feat. Mantis wsg/ HULK. Albany, NY. 8/3/2013

New York State Of BAss Festival. Troy, NY. 7/27/2013

Brotown Records @ Camp Bisco 12 2013

Strictly Underground Tuesdays Featuring Evac Protocol! 6/25/2013

Loki DNB & Bass Mountain Present: Living Electric! 6/22/2013

Skunk Butter Records Presents: Ultra Ego - Good VS Evil! 6/8/2013

Tight Crew Presents: The MArio Party Mini Tour! 5/25/2013

DNBC Presents: Bass Fix! 5/17/2013

PeepThis Presents: PeepThisBeat X BroTown Records Take Over! 5/16/2013

Act Up Entertainment Presents: Electric Safari RESCHEDULED! 4/26/2013

Bass Drop Syndicate Presents: So You Think You Can Jump?! 4/20/2013

FSEDM "Our Way" Presents: Dublime & Evac Protocol LIVE! 4/19/2013

Artery Inc. Presents: TCT Design New York Debut & Live Stream! 4/6/2013

RIPROC Presents: Dub Land Underground 1/24/2013


DNBC Presents: Bass Fix "Once In A Lifetime"

The Sounds Of Now Halloween Terrorizer Special

Silent disco at Jillian's, Albany NY

Silent Disco at LarkFest, Albany NY.

     War Games With Evac Protocol On The Sounds Of Now!