Another release announcement from Protocolia! I've been a busy little Protocol ;)

Bloodthinnerz - Animosity (Evac Protocol VIP), forthcoming on their Ascension EP dropping on BroTown Records on 5.5.14!

Bloodthinnerz - Animosity (Evac Protocol VIP)

My tune Sellsword is OUT NOW on the Assassins Vol.1 EP from Multikill Recordings!

You pay me to kill people who bother you. The evil notions come free!

The Gingerbread Man EP is out now! Grab your copy HERE, and check out the chart I put together to support the release - The Gingerbread Man & Friends!

Evac Protocol - The Gingerbread Man EP [One For All Records OFAR063]
1. The Gingerbread Man (Original Mix)
2. The Gingerbread Man (numbergame Remix)

Evac Protocol's, "The Gingerbread Man & Friends" Chart!!/270517

My tune, Scary Terry got featured on the Rick and Morty fanpage on Facebook! That is so cool, I love this show!

(in case you didn't know, the Scary Terry samples in the tune are from The Rick And Morty show)

Welcome to your nightmare, Bitch! I'm Scary Terry!

Another new release announcement for you, Protocolians!

The Gingerbread Man EP, featuring my track The Gingerbread Man, and a slaughterhouse remix from numbergame, drops 4.21.14 on One For All Records!

This was my last project with Claw (RIP Bro), and the first of many to come with Dan Wall!

Catch us if you can!

Evac Protocol - The Gingerbread Man EP

Up next in Protocolia, I'm headlining the Filth Edition of Rage Fest, in Albany, NY! See ya there kiddos!

Rage Fest: Filth Edition. 4.12.14 (Albany, NY)

New tune up pon di cloud: Evac Protocol - Sellsword! This one forthcoming on the Multikill Recordings, Assassins Vol.1 EP dropping 4.28.14!

You pay me to kill people who bother you. The evil notions come free!

Evac Protocol - Sellsword

Next up in Protocolia, This week has me on two nights! I'm headlining Pollination this Thursday in Saratoga Springs, and jamming my monthly installment of, "The Evac Protocol Show" on Saturday! Stacked lineup of homies at one of the dopest venues in the area on Thursday, and vibing in the Protocolia studio, jamming the digital airwaves on Saturday! Stoked.

Pollination. 4/3/2014 (Saratoga Springs, NY)

"The Evac Protocol Show" Live on [4.5.14]

Awwwww Yisssssss, The Shredder EP has dropped! Grab your copy HERE, and check out the chart I made in support of the release!

Evac Protocol - The Shredder EP

Evac Protocol's "Shredders" Chart!/265451

Good news everyone, it's time for another Evac Protocol freebie! The #freestuffsep is LIVE and ready for your earholes! Thanks for the love and support - grab your copy HERE!

Evac Protocol - #freestuffsep

I'm working on a few really cool projects for BroTown Records, in memorial of the passing of my partner in crime, Claw. Keep an ear out for developments!

We have some BIG announcements coming up, Bros!
We are currently planning a commemorative compilation release, in memory of our fallen Bro, Alan, with all proceeds going to a charitable organization in his name! You're sure to want to grab this one, the contributors list is off the charts! More info to come, so keep an ear out!
Also in the works is a memorial Hulk tshirt, in a special limited colorway! Previews and pre-sale info will be available soon!
We're carrying on the legacy of our beloved comrade in arms in the best way we know how, with style and bass!
Fuck Yea Bro!

Big news Protocolians, my next release announcement is here!

The Shredder EP, featuring my tracks The Shredder & The Foot, is coming out 3.31.14 on BroTown Records!

Evac Protocol - The Shredder EP

Much love to everyone for the birthday well wishes! The past days have been really tough, and I truly thank everyone for helping through them. Alan and I would have gone out for a steak and tons of booze, and that is exactly what I did.

Up next in Protocolia, Shamrock Shuffle! I'm back in Albany, NY 3/14! I'm going to tear the roof off the Fuze Box!

Shamrock Shuffle. 3/14/2014 (Albany, NY)


"The radio show went off, and I just cleared a circle pit to the suicide silence remix big enough to honor the big green guy! I love and miss you so much, Bro!"

That was a late night post I made on Alan's facebook page, Saturday night. I played an all HULK tribute set for the 1st hour of my debut show, tore the roof off Albany with the homie Kill Rex, wrecked a pit of raver bros, and poured many a sip out for my Bro. 

Next up, The Brodio Show! RIP, Bro.

Tune in to "The Sounds Of Now", Friday March 7th 10-12pm, for a special night of Brodom and Brotitude of epic proportions, Bro!

The Sounds Of Now presents: "The Brodio Show"!

BroTown Records:

Be sure to tune in to 91.5 WRPI FM, or online at every Friday night for "The Sounds Of Now" with DJ Scooter!


"It is with a quivering voice and heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of our dear friend, Alan "Claw" Letko. 

He passed on Thursday afternoon, at his family's home in Saratoga Springs, NY. According to local police, there was no evidence of foul play or anything of the sort. Further information will be made available as it comes.

His family and friends thank you all for being part of his life, and we hope you all will continue this support in his memory. 

We love you Alan, and will continue smashing things with bass, exactly as you would have wanted it!"

BroTown Records distribution company, Symphonic Distribution and Beatport News teamed up and put together a really nice feature, in memory of Alan.

The homie, Monsta Art also whipped up this awesome memorial piece. Rest in peace, Bro.

BIG TINGS AGWAN in Protocolia! I just nailed down my monthly show on Rood.FM!

Tune in every 1st Saturday from 7-9pm Eastern, for...

The Evac Protocol Show!

Broadcasting LIVE from Protocolia, the show will have live mixing, showcases of the latest and greatest, exclusive tunes from homies, guest interviews and mixes, and all sorts of other gnarly and exciting thangalangs!

For the debut show this Saturday, I'll be interviewing special guest and label owner, Condor Gleason of Dark Adversary Audio! Oh yea, and we'll be doing a special wonktastic B2B to round it out!

So get locked into, this Saturday from 7-9pm Eastern, and be sure to get in the chat and make funny laughing time for all of us!
"The Evac Protocol Show" LIVE on Rood.FM!

Dark Adversary Audio:

Oh, and yo.. I just uploaded my set from Monday's radio show on The Wax Museum Radio! Deep, Dark, BASS!

Evac Protocol - Live on The Wax Museum Radio 2/24/14

New tune up on the Soundcloud, Protocolians! Evac Protocol - Scary Terry! "Welcome to your nightmare, Bitch!"

Evac Protocol - Scary Terry

Up next in Protocolia, myself and some of the homies are taking over The Wax Museum Radio!

Sample, Live on The Wax Museum Radio! 2/24/14 (Live on the Interwebs)

New tune up on the Soundcloud! Evac Protocol - The Shredder! This one will come out alongside my tune, The Foot! Release info coming soon!

Evac Protocol - The Shredder

Coming up in Protocolia - Love Dub! I'm going to tear up Syracuse, NY on Valentine's Day, alongside the homie J.Rabbit!

Love Dub! 2/14/2014 (Syracuse, NY)

BIG remix of my tune, The Gingerbread Man, knocked out by the Numbergame mandem (aka HULK & Dan Wall)! This will come out alongside my original soon! Release info to come!

Evac Protocol - The Gingerbread Man (Numbergame Remix)


Attention people of Protocolia: Please follow the Evacuation Protocol, and exit accordingly! :p

The Olympics are coming up, and I am stoked! The Russians better pull this off, because I am more than ready for Curling and Olympic Drinking Games! #stokedforsochi

Stoked on this new profile page on BASS-SHIP! Go check it out, and send some love to the BASS-SHIP crew!

Evac Protocol on BASS-SHIP!

New upload on the Soundcloud! Free for all Protocolians at 2k Facebook likes! Head over and throw a like on the page here:

Dark Elixir - Headslung (Evac Protocol Remix)

Also, in coordination with Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

"An individual has not begun to live until he can rise above the narrow horizons of his particular individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." —Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

ATTN Protocolians, this just in: I will be filling in for HULK tonight at SMASH OUT! I'm going to bring the serious bizness for this one! On before DANK, and then tearing down the afterparty! I'll see you there ladies and germs!

SMASH OUT! 1/18/2014 (Albany, NY)

Coming up in Protocolia, catch me going B2B with the big green guy, in Albany, NY!

Official SMASH OUT Afterparty! 1/18/2014 (Albany, NY)

Damn, it sure has been cold in Protocolia! Protect your hinies, and fuck a cold vortex!

Bookings are coming in Protocolia! I want to come to your city and tear up!

Promoters, give a shout! Party-goers, shout at your promoters! ☛ ☚

Happy Gnar Year from Protocolia2013 was, and 2014 is gearing up to be even better! Lot's of new music and news on the way! Love you all!

Merry Christmas from ProtocoliaHope everyone had a merry christmas, got to spend quality time with their families, and got a bunch of cool shit from Santa!

Hey Protocolians, there is a new clip up on my Soundcloud! Evac Protocol - The Foot!

"I want you all to become full members, of The Foot!"

ATTN: Protocolians -  The new Evac Protocol stickers are in, and they are looking dope! Grab yours today at the new Evac Protocol Webstore here!

Evac Protocol Webstore:

New clip uploaded pon di cloud! Evac Protocol - The Gingerbread Man! Catch me if you can, like!


Upcoming Evac Protocol tour dates! For bookings and inquiries, please contact:

A Nightmare Before Christmas! Providence, RI. 12/14/2013
True Crew Presents: The Drop! w/ Evac Protocol! Boston, MA. 12/15/2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Protocolia! There are so many things to be thankful for in our lives, and I wish everyone the best!

Up next in Protocolia - DNBC Presents: It's All gRAVEy! I'm coming guns-blazing for this one!

DNBC Presents: It's All gRAVEy! Albany, NY. 11/29/2013

ATTN Protocolians - my new logo is here, fresh off the presses! BIG shouts to Phraktol Designs for the killer artwork! Give the dude a shout, and get some freshness for your next project!

Project Evac-Rebrand almost complete!

Here it is Protocolians - Swamp Thing is out now! Grab your copy HERE, exclusively at Beatport!

Evac Protocol - Swamp Thing [One For All Records OFAR061]
Buy it here:

Next up in Protocolia, The Nightmare Before Christmas! I'm headlining the second stage at this year's Christmas Spooktacular event from Tight Crew, in Providence, RI! Sure to be a killer night!

The Nightmare Before Christmas! Providence, RI. 12/14/13

New release announcement from Protocolia! My new tune, Swamp Thing will be coming out on One For All Records, on 11/18/13! Big shout outs to my homies Phraktol Designs for the KILLER artwork, and my boy Tahko at Funkshun Productions for coordinating everything!

Beware the wrath of, Swamp Thing!

New Live mix, hot off the presses in Protocolia - Evac Protocol - Live From The Dungeon! This is probably my best mix to date! Deep, dark, dangerous, and loaded with double drops: there are even a few three-deck pieces in there!

Grab it for free HERE, and get down and dirty on this All Hallows Eve!


Horns up Protocolians! I have been commissioned to do an official remix for the hardcore band, Psychopathic Daze! I'm going to go all out stomper on this thing! Keep an ear out for the remix, and go check out the dudes, Psychopathic Daze!

This just in - I will be laying waste to the Fuze Box on Halloween night, playing B2B with the dude $@LT! This is the afterparty for the Pretty Lights Halloween show, and you know I'm coming guns ablaze! See you slags there!

This brings the Halloween festivities to a triple threat!

10/25/2013 The Sounds Of Now Halloween Special!

10/25-26 Jungle Boogie Festival w/ Adam F, Getter, Megalodon, Trollphace, Jphelpz, & Myself!

10/31 Unity Halloween Special - Pretty Lights Afterparty!

Fuck Yea Bro!

Mwahahahahahaha! Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means! Yep, the annual Sounds Of Now Halloween Special featuring myself and the homie, $@LT! This year, we are coming with some seriously dark and spooky vibes, and tons of bass! Be sure to tune in to 91.5fm on 10/31/2013 from 10-12p!

The Sounds Of Now Halloween Special ft Evac Protocol & $@LT! Troy, NY. 10/25/2013

New setup in Protocolia! Now to start the arduous process of installing/troubleshoot everything! So stoked!

Up next in Protocolia, I'm headlining Maximum Bass III, in Amsterdam, NY! Come out for bassus maximus!

Maximum Bass III! Amsterdam, NY. 10/11/2013

Come out and get down for the Santola Brother's Birthday Bash, this Friday 10/4/13! It's sure to be a good time, and I'm going to tear the roof off the Red Square, Evac style!

Santola Brother's Birthday Bash! Albany, NY. 10/4/2013

There ain't no keeping me back! You know the handle, it's Evac! Try and test and go under, like a fucking asthma attack!


My tune, The Nutty Professor was featured on TurnThatDamnMusicDown! Listen to it in HD HERE, and buy it on Beatport HERE

My best goes out to everyone who experienced hardships on this day. I'm thinking about all of the things that are going on in the world today, and hoping for a better world for all of us. <3

The mistress Ennovi featured my collab with HULK in her, Ennovi Top 10 Picks Chart on Beatport! Peep the chart HERE, and go grab yourself some dope tunes for your arsenal!

HULK & Evac Protocol - Murphy's Law
Buy it on Beatport here:

Up next in Protocolia, The Road To Sin City! I'm playing the pre-party for the PeepThis, Sin City Festival, featuring Liquid Stranger & Luminox! Come out and get your bass fix - I'll be playing those dark dungeon vibes!

The Road To Sin City! Saratoga Springs, NY. 9/7/2013


So, I was sitting with my morning coffee contemplating the mysteries of life, when it dawned on me - this week marks the 2 year anniversary of Evac Protocol!  What a long, strange trip it's been!

These two years have been some of the most outstanding times of my life: both for myself personally, and for this thing that has become such a huge part of me. I have grown in so many ways, and have met so many awesome people who have lent me their time and support. I am immensely grateful for all of the times shared, and all of the lessons learned along the way!

The next Evac event marks my 100th live show over these 2 years, and yesterday saw my largest release to date - not to mention that it came out on MY OWN label This journey has been nothing short of incredible, and I eagerly look forward to next the chapters!

So with this, a HUGE Billy FUCCILLO [THANK YOU] goes out to everyone who has supported me and my music over these 2 years! I would have done it anyway, but you guys have made it that much better! Much LOVE to you all! <3

ATTENTION Protocolians - I have 2 HUGE announcements to make!

1st, BRO39 has arrived! This collaboration release between Myself & HULK marks BroTown Records' 39th release to date! I am really excited about this one and now you can grab it for yourselves! Fuck yea Bro!

Grab it on Beatport here:

2nd, how about this FUCCILLO (read HUGE) show announcement?! Getter, Megalodon, Trollphace, and Myself are going to tear Lake George down!

Jungle Boogie! Lake George, NY. 10/25-26/2013

Another big show announcement from Protocolia - I'll be slaying the dancefloor alongside Sav & Mysterio from Sazon Booya! Albany is sure to get wild!

Peace & Beatz ft. Sav & Mysterio w/s/g Evac Protocol! Albany, NY. 9/14/2013


ATTENTION Protocolians, Evac Protocol is now on Drinkify! Don't listen to Evac Protocol Alone - grab yourself a glass and enjoy yourself while you bang to my latest mix! <3

The Evac Protocol on Drinkify

BIG Tour date announcement from Protocolia - September 6th I'm going to wreak havoc in Boston alongside HULK for CRUSH! Boston & Elemental Productions! Also, this marks my 100th live show since the inception of Evac Protocol. More on that later ;)

Elemental Productions hosts The Brotown Beatdown Tour! Boston, MA. 9/6/2013

Next up in Protocolia, Leila's Dirty 30! These events are always a blast, not only because we are celebrating the local bass queen's birthday, but also because all of the performers are asked to play a genre other than what they are known for! This year, I'll be bringing it hard with a Drum And Bass Set!

Here is a little clip HULK filmed during a practice session at the Protocolia studio. See you there ladies and germs!

Leila's Dirty 30 Jammer. Albany, NY. 8/23/2013

Good News Everyone, I have a HUGE announcement to make! Forthcoming on BroTown Records catalog # BRO39 is a GIANT collaborative EP from Myself and HULK entitled, The Dead Or Alive EP!

BRO39 is a two-track EP that features a HULK & Evac Protocol collaboration entitled, Murphy's Law, as well as an original Evac Protocol tune called, The Nutty Professor!

The Dead Or Alive EP drops 8/26/2013!

Up next in Protocolia - "The Sounds Of Now" presents: Summer Fun w/ Evac Protocol LIVE!

Be sure to tune in on 8/9/2013 at 11pm, for a special night of Summer Chill Vibes, reminiscent of my sets at Camp Bisco 12!

"The Sounds Of Now" presents: Summer Fun w/ Evac Protocol LIVE! Troy, NY. 8/9/2013

Here is a video of me banging by the river yesterday and the New York State Of Bass Festival, in Troy, NY! The tracks I'm playing in the video are:

1) Getter - Fallout (Evac Protocol Remix)
2) Requake - My Name Is (Aweminus Remix)

Hey all you Protocolians, I am selling a TON of music equipment! Everything is in good working order or better, and I will ship to anywhere at the buyer's expense. Photos available on request!

Here is the list - Grab some fresh gear for your rigs!

This just in - I will playing 8/3/2013 with Mantis and HULK again the night after NYC! Albany better watch out, as Mantis, HULK, Evac Protocol, and Prostecutioner are coming for dat ass!

Peace & Beatz: Mantis wsg/ HULK. Albany, NY. 8/3/2013

Greetings from Protocolia! I have another HUGE announcement to make - The Brotown Beatdown Tour is coming to a city near you!

Lethal Talent and BroTown Records have teamed up to bring you a smashingly heavy tour, stacked with a grip of killer sponsors! Please contact for details and grab a date, Bro!

Coming up in a few days, New York State Of Bass Festival! I'm headlining the Guerilla Bass Stage, so come out and get your thump on!

New York State Of Bass Festival. Troy, NY. 7/27/2013

Alright Protocolians, the Locust Swarm EP is finally OUT NOW! Grab your copy on iTunes today!

T.A.R. - Locust Swarm EP, featuring a remix from Evac Protocol!

Happy Fourth Of July Protocolians! As co-owner along side HULK, of one of the largest American Dubstep labels, I am too proud to wish you a Happy Fourth from BroTown Records!

Yes Muthafunkin yes, HUGE NEWS in Protocolia! I am making my NYC debut on August 2nd! Not only is it my NYC debut, but it is on a boat! Not only is it on a boat, but it is with a retardedly STACKED lineup! Getter, Hulk, Mantis, Megalodon, Evac Protocol, & Subset - making BASS WAVES!!

Bass Waves. NYC, NY. 8/2/2013

Ayo Protocolians, I have just finished making a Bandcamp Page! I'll be updating it regularly, and may even use it for some exclusive goodies ;) Here is a link:

It's time to announce that I will be playing at the OFFICIAL Gazebo Stage at Camp Bisco 12! Yep, BroTown Records' own HULK & Evac Protocol are being featured for special chill vibe sets!

Here is a little press release from the company sponsoring the OFFICAL Gazebo Stage, Gravity Ent.

Fuck Yea Bro!

Greeting from Protocolia! To welcome in this week, I can announce the release of the Watch It Now EP! It dropped today on Submotion Audio, and features a remix from myself! Grab your copy HERE!

BIG NEWS FROM PROTOCOLIA! My Facebook page just hit 1500 Fans! Chyea!

To say thanks for all the support would be an understatement. I am truly very grateful for each and every one of you! This has been a great year so far, and it looks as though it is set to be nothing but better from here on out!

As a token of my appreciation, I have put together a FREE REMIX EP for you guys! You can grab it for free here:

Evac Protocol - FREEMIXES EP
1. Getter - Fallout (Evac Protocol Remix)
2. p0gman - They Know (Evac Protocol Remix)

Happy Father's Day from Protocolia! Grillin, chillin, and bumpin tunes!

Phew, May has been a busy month in Protocolia! June is looking even BIGGER! Check it out:

6/8/2013 - Ultra Ego in Syracuse, NY

6/15/2013 - Ed Fest in Poughkeepsie, NY

6/22/2013 - Living Electric in Buffalo, NY

6/24/2013 - Watch It Now EP Released with Submotion Audio

6/25/2013 - Strictly Underground in Hartford, CT

fuck yea bro!

What's up Protocolians? Here is a little freebie or you, courtesy of Myself and Rellik Audio. This tune was supposed to be released a while back, but things kind of stalled out for Rellik. They are back now however, and kicking off their return by giving out my Water Bomb Bass remix for FREE!

Grab it here:

Boy, things have been busy in Protocolia! Phew! Big thanks to everyone who came out to these past shows and supported - you all rock!

Up next is the Mario Party with Tight Crew! This one is sure to be nutty!

Tight Crew Presents: The Mario Party Mini Tour! 5/25/2013. (Albany, NY)

Another show announcement from Protocolia! I will be headlining this month's installment of DNBC's Bass Fix, in Albany, NY! So come out Thursday 5/16 for the BroTown Records takeover of PeepThisBeat, and then Friday 5/17, catch me dropping dubs at Bass Fix! Evac Protocol, let's goo!

DNBC Presents: Bass Fix! 5/17/2013. (Albany, NY)

Up next in Protocolia - BroTown Records takes over PeepThisBeat at Kokopelli's on 5/16! Claw from HULK and I will be tearing it down!

PeepThis Presents: PeepThisBeat - The BroTown Records Take Over! 5/16/2013. (Troy, NY)

Happy Mother's Day from Protocolia!

Big news from Protocolai! I'll be flexing the system at the Albany, NY tour stop of the Tight Crew Mario Party Tour! Mainstage bassline business! See you slags there!

Tight Crew Presents: The Mario Party Mini Tour! 5/25/2013/ (Albany, NY)

The Darkside > The Fourth!

Next up in Protocolia - Act Up Entertainment Presents: Electric Safari Rescheduled! After much discussion and effort, this show has been RESCHEDULED! I'll be bringing the bass to this one!

Act Up Entertainment Presents: Electric Safari RESCHEDULED! 4/26/2013. (Albany, NY)

Happy holidaze from Protocolia! To celebrate, I decided to do a live mix to give away for FREE to all you lovelies - BASS HAZE! Beware, this one packs a punch ;)

Evac Protocol Presents: BASS HAZE (Happy Holidaze Live Mix)

Special announcement from Protocolia! I will be doing a guest slot of the FSEDM Radio Show, with the homie Dublime, from Abducted Records! 4/19 - just in time to ring in the holidaze! I'm going in big for this one, trust! Then, I'll be rinsing out the Bass Drop Syndicate Bass stage the next day, right in the middle of the festivities! Big weekend in Protolica!

FSEDM "Our Way" Presents: Dublime & Evac Protocol LIVE! 4/19/2013. (Orlando, FLA)

Hey Protocolians, I have your 4/20 plans right here! Bass Drop Syndicate Presesnts: So You Think You Can Jump?! I'll be bringing the bass to this one for sure! Holidaze bidness!

Bass Drop Syndicate Presents: So You Think You Can Jump?! 4/20/2013. (Queensbury, NY)

Protocolians, I have a very special announcement to make! The good homie TCT is here visiting, and will be doing a very special art installation at The Artery Gallery! As if that wasn't enough, we will be doing a live-stream event to kick it into high gear! Claw of HULK, Myself, and Pleasure will be spinning the dope beats, streaming live, from the gallery opening. Be sure to catch this one!

Artery Inc. Presents: TCT Designs New York Debut! 4/6/2013. (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Greetings from Protocolia! I've been super busy in the studio and planning my spring/summer event schedule! Big tings a'gawn! For starters, I'd like to announce some forthcoming releases!

First off, I just received the new cover art for the T.A.R. - Locust Swarm EP. It features my remix, and is forthcoming on Dark Adversary Audio soon! Keep your ears open for a release date on this bad boy!

Next, I also just received the cover art for the Chris Vice - Watch It Now EP. This one is forthcoming on Submotion Audio, and features Chris' OG and my remix. Release date for this one is June 24th!

Happy Easter from Protocolia

Up next in Protocolia! Doubles Trouble Vol. 6, at Doubles II in Catskill, NY! This one is sure to go off - great lineup, great venue, and a great vibe!

Doubles Trouble Vol. 6 at Doubles II. 3/23/2013 (Catskill, NY)

I have a huge announcement for you Protocolians! First, I've uploaded a new tune - Jabberwock! Second, it is coming out on BroTown Records on 3/25! Head over to my Soundcloud page and give her a spin! Fuck Yea Brooo!

Evac Protocol - Jabberwock [BroTown Records BRO35]

Hey Protocolians, it's my birthday! I'm fittin ta have a hootenany like y'all ain't never seen, jack! Keep your ears open for some new Evac Protocol bidness coming down the pipeline!

For starters, I'd like to announce that I'm putting together a HULK X BroTown Records Tour! Though still in it's preliminary stages, the HULK boys and I will be coming to a city near you! To book us, contact:

So as you know, I have been brought on board to help run BroTown Records. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I have a HUGE announcement for you all! I'll let Claw from HULK tell you about it.

"Attention producer crew! We have just wrapped up, The Soudns Of BroTown Records Sample Pack, featuring original sounds from HULK, Subshock, Nato Feelz, Evac Protocol, and DJ SnipaZ!

This is coming out coutesy of our buddy High Rankin, on his label Rankin Audio, and the pack will be available via Loopmasters! Release date coming soon!"

Fuck Yea Bro!

Here it is Protocolians! My set from last Friday's radio show, recorded and uploaded for you all for FREE! Head on over to my Soundcloud and grab this murky live mix!

Evac Protocol - It Came From The Sea! (Pisces Live Mix)

Up next in Protocolia - I'm playing two nights back to back! Let me tell you about them.

It Came From The Sea! I'm playing live on The Sounds Of Now, 91.5fm on March 1st! I had such a blast playing deep rumblers at Prime in Worcester, I've decided I will be playing that style for this event, recording the set, and giving it out to all of you for FREE! Be sure to tune in for a night of murky sub-marine frequencies! It Came From The Sea!

The next night, I'll be dropping dubs at Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs, NY! This is my first time at Putnam Den this year, so I'm going to make sure it's extra special for all of us!

It Came From The Sea! Evac Protocol Live on The Sounds Of Now! 91.5fm &

Lions X Lambs at Putnam Den. 3/2/2013 (Saratoga Springs, NY)

I've got a free gift for all you Protocolians! I've just uploaded my remix of T.A.R's tune, Bits n Bytes, and have decided to give it away to you all for FREE! Head on over to my Facebook page, and snag your copy today!

T.A.R. - Bits n Bytes (Evac Protocol Remix)

Up next in Protocolia! Prime in Worcester, Massachusetts! Going in deep for this one, with some massive medi-style sub rumblers!

Prime -The Switch Up-. 2/15/2013 (Worcester, Massachusetts)

Next up in Protocolia! I'm headlining the RIPROC Dub Land Underground party, next Thursday in Rochester, NY! This is sure to be a blast, and I'm coming guns a blaze! See you there!

RIPROC Presents: Dub Land Underground. 1/24/2013 (Rochester, NY)


Starting the New Year right in Protocolia! Coming up next week, DNBC Presents: Bass Fix - New Age Edition, and I'm headlining! Come out and be a part of this special edition of Bass Fix, and let's all give lil Spitfire a BIG send off! <3

DNBC Prsents: Bass Fix - New Age Edition. 1/11/2013 (Albany, NY)

It's 2013, let's kill things! 

Happy New Year from Protocolia! Time for new beginnings and continued successes! But yea, back to the slaughter... To book Evac at your 2013 events, please contact:


Happy New Year from Protocolia, you slags!

Boy, 2012 has been a wild year! From the start, it was a roller coaster of ups and downs in every sense of the word: Personal and professional successes and failures, joy, heartache, and all of the things that go with these. Great friends lost and gained, whole hearted experiences I'd never imagined, and parties that I'll never forget !

2012 saw 57 live shows, a handful of releases, and huge amounts of progress for Evac Protocol, along with heaps of personal growth and wisdom gained for myself across many aspects of my life!

I look forward to 2013, and am excited!

Love you all! Be safe tonight, and let's bring in the New Year with a proper night of debauchery!

Merry Christmas from Protocolia! Out now on The Dankles, "Inside Your Ear Drums Vol. 1", is the new Evac tune: Trampa - Pirates (Evac Protocol Remix)! This whole EP is awesome, and it's FREE!

Grab the whole EP here:

Merry Christmas you filthy animals! It's beginning to look alot like it here in Protocolia! Keep an ear out, as I have a special Christmas gift for you guys coming in a few days! Enjoy some time with your loved ones. <3

Fuck Yea Bro!
HUGE news in Protocolia! Drum roll please... Ok! I have been added to the BroTown Records team, as head of A&R! I had been in talks with the Hulk boys for a bit, and now it's official! Fuck Yea Bro!

If you are unaware of the big bidness these guys have been doing, you can check the release catalog here:

More Fuccillo (read HUGE) releases to come, now that your boy has been brought on board! :D

Doubles Trouble Volume III!
Up next in Protocolia: Doubles Trouble! Saturday Dec. 8th in Catskill, NY. I'm taking no prisoners at this one!

Doubles Trouble (Catskill, NY)

Happy Thanksgiving from the year 9595, in Protocolia! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Holiday!

Thanksgiving is about recognizing and being thankful for the gifts you have been given. Family, friends, opportunities, maybe even hardships: all have shaped us into the people that we are today. In this vein, I'd like to thank each and every one of you! The support you've given me has helped me strive to progress in every way, and for that I am thankful! ♥

To say thanks, I've uploaded a new freebie for you guys! This mix is packed with super deep and dark riddims! Gobble Gobble :)

ATTN Protocolians! Soundcloud has discontinued their Facebook App, which means you can no longer listen to music via Soundcloud on anyone's Facebook page. DO NOT PANIC!

In light of this, I have revamped and updated my ReverbNation page. You can find it by simply clicking the "LISTEN" image on my Facebook page. I loaded up the player with a bunch of free goodies too, so head on over and check it out here

Also, I have a new show to announce: Leo Nova! I'm co-headlining the Dubstep room with the homie, Conscious Pilot
Leo Nova!

This guy.


Larging up the followers of Protocolia! The Pretty Lights Afterparty went off this weekend! Brap

I've uploaded a preview of my forthcoming release with Dark Adversary Audio!

T.A.R. - Locust Swarm (Evac Protocol Remix)

Phew! Now that Halloween has come to an end, it is time to shift the focus towards November's Protocolian festivities, and it looks as though it is gearing up to be another busy month in Protocolia!

For starters, right out of the gate you can catch me smashing the OFFICIAL Pretty Lights Afterparty, at The Red Square in Albany, NY! Come out and get your throw down on!

Happy Halloween you slags! With the wheels rolling like they have been in Protocolia, Halloween is running in high gear! With four shows so far this month with 1 more to come, and two new tunes finished, it has been a gas for sure! However it isn't over yet, no sir! First, I have a present for you.

I present to you my, Halloween Special Live Mix! Recorded live from last week's, "The Sounds Of Now" Halloween Special, your Halloween soundtrack is here! hppy hlwn dolan :p

Free Download!

*ATTENTION* For your live Evac fix, come out tonight to the Unity 999 Halloween Party!


October is proving to be quite a month in Protocolia! I'm finishing out the year strong, with a whole bunch of shows and a slew of new tunes on the way! Big tings a'gwan!

In recognition of this, I'd like to gush a moment and thank all of you who have been supporting me! I would still do this without you, but you all make it that much better <3

To say thanks for that, I have done a remix of Badklaat's tune, Freq Skank to give out to you guys! I didn't get a chance to start this one until after the Bass Clash remix contest closed, but I had wanted to give it a whirl and thought that it would be a fitting gift for all of you! *Keep Reading :)

Download it here!

Now, since you kept reading I'll sneak you another little (read HUGE) something.  Today, Friday the 26th of October, is also the release date for the new Dark Adversary Audio compilation, New Mutants Vol. 2! So, not only do you get my Badklaat remix, you get another 16 monster tunes from DAA and the riddim squad! Oh yea, it features my Ponicz - Hold Up remix. *Keep Reading :)

Grab the full EP for free here:

So, I told you that October was busy. Right? There are shows each week for the rest of October in Protocolia!

For starters there is the RHPS Rave this Friday, 10/19. Catch me dropping dubs after everyone gets weird in the time warp! Also, bring something to donate to help the homeless this winter!

RHPS Rave! A Rocky Horror Picture Show Event! (Albany, NY)

Then, bombs will be dropping live on-air 10/26, when I invade "The sounds Of Now" for a Halloween bass special with my boy $@LT!

"The Sounds Of Now" Halloween Special (Troy, NY 91.5 fm)

AND THEN, come get your bones rattled at UNITY 999 Halloween Edition on Halloween night, 10/31!

Unity 999 Halloween Edition (Albany, NY)

PHEW! Evac Protocol. Fuck Yea.

New Evac tune uploaded! Chris Vice - Watch It Now (Evac Protocol Remix)!

"The Sounds Of Now" Halloween Special featuring Evac Protocol and $@LT! Tune in to 91.5 fm or online at for a spooky night of Halloween BASS! We're live from 10pm-12am!

"The Sounds Of Now" Halloween Special featuring Evac Protocol and $@LT

Up next in Protocolia, Bass Fix Bday Edition! Come out for the Santola brother's birthday, and throw down with this killer line up!

Bass Fix: Santola Brothers Birthday Bash!!


"One of my favorite acts took place in the Lions Den, left room stage where I caught Evac Protocol. The angry, high energy techno felt so good after a long work week. The dark beats were ideal for a Friday night and a sure thing to unleash the beast within."
Got a great little feature in this write-up from Upstate Live, covering the Stuff your Face With Bass: Jungle Rumble! Evac Protocol brah!

Also, here is a cool clip from my set at Stuff Your Face With Bass: Jungle Rumble! \m/


Just finished updating the Evac Protocol press kit. Promoters, you may now download my press kit at the following link. Holla atcha boy!

Evac Protocol Press Kit Official:

Today is 9/11, so I thought I'd make a post commemorating this incredibly important day in American history. Never forget, never back down, never stop pushing for greatness and success. Amurica!

New Evac Protocol Live Mix - Fall From Grace! Here is a new live mix I did to close out the summer season, and bring in the fall! Full of bangers and heavy bass, this one is pretty brutal :) Free Download!

Up next in Protocolia, Stuff Your Face With Bass: Jungle Rumble! Catch me headlining the Ballroom, right before Bare & Dieselboy take the stage! With over 4k people attending these massives, you certainly don't want to miss this super bass edition! Evac Protocol going to get wild in the jungle!

"There's a war going on outside, no man is safe from!"
The new SubVandals Dubstep Crew EP has dropped, and features my tune, Wario Land! Go grab yourself a copy of this slaughter release!

Up next in Protoclia, 51BASSCAMP! Held at the same venue as Camp Bisco, this year's BASSCAMP is set to be a biggen! Catch me headlining the 51BASS stage from 11-12pm!

It's Shark Week! Let me see those dorsals! \m/

Big one up next in Syracuse, NY! FILTH FEST headliner Evac Protocol! Come out and catch me and Kate!Rush smash it and get filthy!

New Evac Protocol tune up! Ponicz - Hold Up (Evac Protocol Remix)! Getting lots of support on this one, including it being featured in the newest HULK mix for Di.FM!

Coming up next in Protocolia, The Chronic Wave Festival! Catch me headlining the main stage Saturday 8/11/2012, from 11-12pm!

Greetings from Protocolia! As July comes to a close, I'll be spending much time in the studio wrapping up a bunch of really cool projects. Some big tings a'gwan, so keep it locked! <3

We did it! Today, both the Evac Protocol Facebook and Soundcloud pages hit 1000 followers! A big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped out and shown support! As promised, here is a FREE EP to mark this milestone and pay it back to all of you! Grab the 1000 Followers Free EP here! <3

Evac Protocol - 1000 Followers FREE EP

Up next in Protocolia! Next week I'll be playing the BASS FIX main room at, The Red Square in Albany NY. This edition features the uber-talented Jeff Bujak, and also offers a chance to win tickets to the BELLA TERRA festival! Sure to be a good time!

Event link:

Catch me dropping dubs live on the FMs this week! I'm playing "The Sounds Of Now" on 91.5fm, this Friday from 11-12pm! Listen live on 91.5fm, or tune in online here:

Event link:

Next few events in Protocolia! First, The Come Up Music Festival! I'm headlining the DJ stage on Saturday, June 23rd from 1-2am! Come get your freak on!

The Come Up Music Festival (Roxbury, NY)

The following week, catch me at The Putnam Den, for BASSENTRIX! I'll be bringing the bass, as usual :)

BASSENTRIX @ The Putnam Den (Saratoga Springs, NY)

The release date for my remix of Chris Vice - Scum Riddim has been set! June 21st, you'll be able to skank out with this one whenever you please! <3 Chris Vice - Scum Riddim (Evac Protocol Remix)

New Evac Protocol tune, Donkey BlowerThis one will be available on the debut release from Dark Adversary Audio, alongside HANNS, Kvasy, A3 Dubstep, I.Dot, Loww-Fi, Off White Pegasus, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Klytrix, & Arkao. Check out Dark Adversary Audio on Facebook:

Happy BBQ day from Protocolia! Now that Memorial Day has passed, I've got a few more announcements for you guys. First off, a few upcoming dates to keep your eyes on.

June 6th, I'm playing at Zee's in Cohoes, NY alongside a stacked lineup of up & comers from around the way. Then the following night (June 7th), I'll be playing at The Fuzebox in Albany, NY for the 5th installment of the monthly, Unity Party! Links below.

Rager @ Zee's in Cohoes, NY

Unity Pt. 5 in Albany, NY

I've also got some big news from the studio! As we speak I am working on a handful of tunes to be released over the coming weeks, across a variety of labels/comps. I'll be announcing these as they come along, but to kick off I'll give you one :) I am finishing off a tune to be released with the homies at The Daily Grimed! TDG is a label/blog/promo channel to keep your eyes on for sure, and will be releasing their first compilation in a few weeks. This release is stacked with talent, featuring a list of some of really dope dudes! Check the roster via their facebook page. Link below.

The Daily Grimed

A few dates to mark down on the Protocolia calendar! First, I'm playing with Don Stone at his weekly at Zee's in Cohoes, NY - Basics. Be sure to come out for a special bassweight edition - BASSics! Then, I'm playing with DNBC heads Mentally Ill & Leila at the Red Square, in Albany, NY. Aptly named, Drunken DUBauchery, this one is sure to go off! Come out and get rowdy! Links below.

BASSics @ Zee's in Cohoes, NY

Drunken DUBauchery @ Red Square in Albany, NY

SubVandals Dubstep Crew
We make banger jawnz! Give it up for the newest Vandal, Evac Protocol! That's right! I was just added to the bassweight production crew, Subvandals! Stoked to rep the crew, and looking forward to putting out some big tunes with these guys!

BUZZED! The OFFICIAL Afterparty for The Bee's Knee's!
Next up in Protocolia! Friday, May 11th J.Rabbit & Terravita are coming to destroy The Washington Armory in Albany, Ny for The Bee's Knee's! As if that wasn't enough, I'll be shaking the hive late night for The OFFICIAL Afterparty at The Red Square! Buzz, Buzz, Buzzed...

BroTown Records takes over Texas Dub!
BIG NEWS in Protocolia! Tuesday, May 8th BroTown Records takes over Texas Dub! I'm going down to Houston, Tx with Claw of HULK to wreck Riddim Tuesdays at Jet Lounge! BroTown Reppin!

New Evac Protocol tune! Vylex - Xtermin8 (Evac Protocol Remix) I was stoked to do this one! Vylex is always so heavy \m/

Free Download for you all :)

Big news in Protocolia! Saturday, April 14th I will be opening for Flinch at The Putnam Den, in Saratoga Springs, NY! Yea Bro, Spring Bass!


Next up in Protocolia, I'm playing with Silas Maximus, as well as a great line up of local artists Friday April 6th, in Amsterdam, NY. Maximum Bass, Bro!

Here is a little present I made for you guys, to celebrate the warm weather! Your chain hits your chest when you bang it on the radio! It's a quick mashup mix of Flexa's tune, Time Traveler, and M.I.A. - Bad Girls. Happy Spring!

New Evac Protocol tune, forthcoming on Morbit Records! Chris Vice - Scum Riddim (Evac Protocol Remix)! Won this remix comp too, making it two this week! Big tings agwan in Protocolia!

I'm playing at The Fuze Box, in Albany NY, for Speed Date! This is sure to be a hoot, where every person is assigned an 80's Pornstar, which they will be acting as for the evening. Come out and see who I'll be playing as! This is also my birthday, so come out and tie one on!

New Evac Protocol tune, Chemora - Water bomb Bass (Evac Protocol Remix)! Forthcoming on the EP from Rellik Audio Recordings! It was finished it on the leap day! Peep it here!

I'm playing at The Red Square in Albany, NY on 2/17/2012, for Krazy Glue's long awaited return to Albany!

New Evac Protocol tune, Clown Shoes! What's the matter kid, don't you like Clown Shoes?

Tune in and get locked to The Wax Museum Radio 2/13/12, for a subby special! I'm bringing the deep biz for this one!

Big BASS week in Protocolia! Catch me dropping dubs with HULK at Valentines in Albany, NY 2/3/2012!

Catch me killing the airwaves with Claw of HULK on 2/3/2012, for a special BASS addition of The Sounds Of Now with, DJ Scooter!

New Evac Protocol tune, Wario Land! I imagine Wario Land is kind of like Protocolia :p
Wario Land by EvacProtocol

Be sure to catch Evac Protocol dropping dubs in Syracuse! Friday January 27th, Do The Dubz 4 - SeXXX & Bass Edition! Fully themed leather and latex winter bass edition! Chyea :)

Friday, January 27th 2012
Trexx Nightclub 
319 N Clinton Street 
Syracuse, NY 13202 
18+/21 to Drink - 9pm-4am
Doors Open at 8pm
Music Starts at 9pm

First Evac Protocol date of 2012! Friday the 13th. Red Square. There will be blood.

DNBC Presents: Bass Fix!!! SLASHER EDITION

Red Square: 
388 Broadway Albany, NY

We are kicking off the New Year right in Protocolia! My new Ep, Evac Protocol - Winter Is Coming is all set, and will be released on Morbit Records on January 30th, 2012! It features my tunes, Winter Is Coming, and, Benumb! Really Excited for this one!

Evac Protocol - Winter Is Coming Ep (Forthcoming Morbit Records) by EvacProtocol

Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers to a fun and successful 2012! To ring your ears into the New Year, I put together a mix from a selection of tunes that have, in one form or another, found their way into my sets pretty regularly over the past year. Throw in a couple of the year's top 10ers, and you have, Evac Protocol - 2011 MINIMIX! Mixed live, with love, by yours truly. <3

2011 MINIMIX (Happy New Year Freebie!) by EvacProtocol

Happy Holidays from Protocolia! I've been playing this edit out over the last year, and have decided to give it out to you all as a free gift for the holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best wishes to you and yours! Love, Evac <3

Dr. Philth - Warbot (Evac Protocol Edit)

War-bot (Evac Protocol Edit) Happy Holidaze Freebie! by EvacProtocol

New Evac Protocol tune, Benumb! This tune will accompany, Winter Is Coming on an upcoming Evac Ep on Morbit Records! Really excited for this one!

Morbit Records on Beatport

Benumb (Forthcoming Morbit Records) by EvacProtocol

New mix to celebrate 800 fans on Facebook! Mixed live with love, by yours truly! Free download on this one! Evac Protocol Presents: MOOMBAHTRONIC! Thanks for all the support!

New Evac Protocol tune, Winter Is Coming! Might be a pretty cool announcement coming with this one, so keep your ears open! :)
Winter Is Coming by EvacProtocol

Fresh Filth Clothing Presents: World Wide Wub Vol.2 dropped today! Go grab yourself this Fuccillo free EP, featuring Evac Protocol's tune, Aethosphere!
Aethosphere [World Wide Wub Vol.2] (Download link in description!) by EvacProtocol

Out today on BroTown Records, Hulk & SICKorWELL - Organized Crime EP, featuring Evac Protocol on the remix! Get it on Beatport here!
HULK & SICKorWELL - Organized Crime (Evac Protocol Remix) [Brotown Records BRO20] CLIP by EvacProtocol

New Evac Protocol mix, BOO! 32 terrorizing tracks in 60 min, grab this one for free download just in time for Halloween!

Fresh Filth Clothing presents, World Wide Wub Vol. 2 featuring my tune, Aethosphere. It's been revisited, remastered, and is releasing on Nov. 1st!
Aethosphere (Forthcoming on World Wide Wub Vol.2) by EvacProtocol

New Evac Protocol Moombah mix, ¡Viva la fiesta! up pon da Soundcloud! Grab this one for Free Download!

Peep the new artwork for the upcoming Hulk & SickOrWell - Organized Crime EP, featuring Evac Protocol on the remix! Forthcoming on BroTown Records, dropping on Halloween night!

Pictures are up from my set at yesterday's Silent Disco at Larkfest. Check out the rest on my Facebook.

My new exclusive mix for White Label Nation went live today! Grab the free download here, or on my Soundcloud


My new mix, Head Hunter now available for Free Download on here!


Love Lost by EvacProtocol

New Evac Protocol tune - Love Lost!


Another Evac Protocol Moombahminimix! ¡Viva Protocolia! Moombah Vol. 4! 


White Label Nation

Evac Protocol Moombah Minimix featured on! Download it free here!


¡VIVA! Another Evac Protocol Moombahminimix! Free download here!


Rocking some Fresh Filth at the Metro Lounge. Check out their release World Wide Wubs Vol. 1 featuring my tune New Beginnings, and download it for free here!


Aethosphere by EvacProtocol

New Evac Protocol tune - Aethosphere!


Evac Protocol - Moombah Minimix (Free Download!) by EvacProtocol

"Moombah Moombah Moombah! Free Free Free!"

New Moombahminimix I did with a few choice cuts. Free Moombah Download


Upcoming spot on "The Sounds Of Now" with DJ Scooter! I'll be dropping my new mix, Head Hunter! Be sure to tune in for a night of wig-pushing dubstep with Evac Protocol!


Darksphere - Schizy (Evac Protocol Re-Work) [Schizy Remixes EP] by EvacProtocol

My new Re-Work of homie Darksphere's, Schizy. Forthcoming on the Schizy remixes EP. This is one super dark and moody atmospheric tune! Check it out on Soundcload here.


Fresh Filth Clothing is releasing a huge dubstep compilation May 6th, featuring a stacked lineup of dubbers from all over the globe! Evac Protocol's tune, New Beginnings is being featured amidst exclusive unreleased tracks from well-known artists Ben Samples, Dantini, Halo Nova, Elfkowitz, and Reign, as well as a slew of other producers from all over the globe such as Crizzly, Ephixa, Bullwack, Filibusta, Retrotation, and tons more. Download it for FREE Here!


6reenlight & Bright Morningstar - Doublecat (Evac Protocol Remix) [Plasticage Records] by EvacProtocol

My new remix of 6reenlight & Bright Morningstar's, Doublecat. Forthcoming on Plasticage Records in Turkey, this was a fun project for me as it crosses genres quite a bit, and it gets pretty heavy. Preview it on Soundcloud here, and be sure to check out Bright Morningstar & 6reenlight!


Evac Protocol featured on homie, Darksphere's website! Check it out here, he has lots of dark and dirty tunes for free!


New Beginnings by EvacProtocol

Just finished a new tune called, New Beginnings. It's kind of representative of where I am in life, and some transitions I'm currently undergoing. Enough with the emo bullshit, check it out here!


With my Facebook Page approaching 600 fans, I vowed to host a free download of my new Dubstep mix, Drop Zone! once I hit the mark. Well not only did we do it, but the mix caught the attention of the USA Dubstep/Drumstep Massive Group on Facebook, and was blogged along with my earlier mix, War Games! & the VIP mix of my devilish tune, Flee! on All three are being hosted for Free Download, so go check them out!


Friday on my radio spot on "The Sounds Of Now" with DJ Scooter, I debuted this explosive dubstep mix, Drop Zone! Here is the full mix stream from Mixcloud, with a Free Download of the mix as heard on "The Sounds Of Now"! Enjoy. You've been warned.


Victoria Mussi & Bright Morningstar - Lemuria (Evac Protocol Remix) [Triskel Tech Recordings] by EvacProtocol

Today I signed my new remix of Victoria Mussi & Bright Morningstar's, Lemuria. Forthcoming on Triskel Tech Recordings in Belgium, this is a bit of a different style for me. Preview it on Soundcloud here, and be sure to check out Bright MorningstarVictoria Mussi, & Triskel Tech Recordings.

Also, I've decided to make all of my mixes available for download! Go to my Free Downloads page, and go nuts with my entire mix collection up for free download!


Last month on my radio spot on "The Sounds Of Now" with DJ Scooter, I unleashed this devastating dubstep mix, War Games! Here is the full mix stream from Mixcloud, and a FREE DOWNLOAD of the mix as heard on "The Sounds Of Now"! Enjoy. You've been warned.

Evac Protocol: War Games!  As Heard On The Sounds Of Now (Zshare)


Flee VIP by EvacProtocol

New Dubstep VIP! Message me if you'd like it!
Now up for Free Download!


Back Again Instrumental by EvacProtocol

First tune back with Live! Any MCs want to try this one out?


New Dubstep Mix. You've been warned.


Welcome to the site! This will be the one-stop source for all things, Evac Protocol! Much more to come, with big things agwan constantly! Keep an eye on this site!

Latest tracks by EvacProtocol